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Deadline extended

Do you want to make a documentary film? Make sure you apply for Aristoteles Workshop!
Learn how to chose your subject, to pitch, to shoot and to edit your film, to be selected on international festivals while getting feedback, contacts and further support for your film.
Aristoteles Workshop will help you in all those steps.

Primul curs


Selection to be announced by May 25th.

We thank all of you who wrote us with interest of the workshop and we wait for your applications. We made it easier, we’ve pushed back the date we close the submissions.

This year’s edition is set to take place between July 3rd – August 5th in the beautiful village of Bata, Arad, at the guesthouse La Badea Ioane.

To apply, follow the instructions here. The application dossier includes: applicant’s resume, a letter of intent, a link to a previous work and a letter of recommendation.

Expert Thierry Garrel, former head of documentary department at ARTE France, with more than 40 years experience in the documentary field, will lead the theoretical part of the workshop. He’ll be followed by the tutors Nino Kirtadze, award winning Georgian director (European Film Academy, Sundance, Cannes or Toronto to name a few), John Appel, documentary director with multiple recognitions and lecturer at the Netherlands Film And Television Academy in Amsterdam, and Tania Rakhmanova, Russian director, author of more then 20 documentary films on historical and political subjects.

filmare trecut

2017 Call for entries


12th edition
3 July – 5 August 2017
Bata / Arad / Romania

filmare trecut


ARISTOTELES WORKSHOP (AW) is a training and development center dedicated to foster a new generation of creative documentary filmmakers. Documentaries produced within AW have won awards at major film festivals such as Cannes, Locarno, Leipzig and Nyon, among many others. Professional training is provided by international leaders in the field.



  •  fluency in English
  •  previous experience with one of the following: directing, shooting or editing
  • a one time only fee of 600 euro for room and board and everything else


  • you’ll spend five weeks in a beautiful setting with filmmakers from all over Europe
  • you’ll be part of one of the four teams as either director, cinematographer or editor
  • film industry professionals will guide your team every step of the way, from pitch to final cut
  • you’ll have access to every necessary production and post production equipment
  • your resulting film, if worthy, will join a network of festivals around the world


  • 1500 euro prize for the winning team

You can apply directly here.

group photo with thierry

“Aristoteles Workshop exceeds expectations”

backstage view of a documentary film workshop, after week one

The 11th edition of the documentary film program Aristoteles Workshop began a week ago in Șurdești, Maramureș. In the first couple of days, participants viewed their own films and discussed them with trainer Thierry Garrel, an excellent way of knowing each other from an artistic point of view in order to build the teams. The third day was dedicated to a brief incursion in the history of documentary film-making, with evening screenings of documentary films, such as L’argent du charbon/Coal Money, by Wang Bing (France 2008) and Dix-sept ans/Seventeen by Didier Nion (France 2003). At the end of the third day, Thierry Garrel and producers Dan Nuțu and Cristina Hoffman have decided on the teams, and, on the fourth day, the participants went out looking for subjects for their films.

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Last week of applications to Aristoteles Workshop #11

The 11th edition of the documentary film program Aristoteles Workshop will take place between August 23rd and September 24th, in Șurdești, a village in Maramureș county, just 20 km away from the city of Baia Mare. The application deadline is July 20th.

After four years spent in Transylvania and five years in Bucovina, Aristoteles Workshop moves to Maramureș, placing its logistic center in Șurdești village, a region famous for hosting one of eight buildings that make up the wooden churches of Maramureș – an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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