Being included this year in the official selection DokuFest, Wild Berries,  by Marianna Vas, Hedda Bednarszky and Romulus Balazs, has won the prize for the Best Short Documentary within the prestigious International Festival. The documentary, who truly impressed the jury and who won at Kosovo the section’s trophy, follows the sensorial journey of a lonely boy, lost in his own universe, in a forgotten Romanian village. This award enriches the list of successful awards obtained by Aristoteles Workshop films with another international recognition.

,,Our winning film was the one which most gracefully and exhilaratingly transcended the boundaries of its chosen genre, emerging as a complete work of art within the restricted durational limits of the short-film format.


The directors and their young protagonist invite us into a private universe, one where the “rules” of a cinematic game emerge as a genuine collaboration between the filmers and the filmed—and this is that rare collaboration in which the viewer is also invited to participate.


What results is mysterious, delicate and surprising, an aesthetically striking sensory immersion into a particular environment, seemingly beyond place and time. Responsibility and freedom here exist in harmonious balance: a reminder that the world, ultimately, is what we make it.”, remarked the jury members.

Wild Berries was created during the 2017 edition of Aristoteles Workshop, but the official release of the short documentary was made last year during the International Festival of Film Documentaries Doclisboa. Also, the film was included in this year’s competition from Sheffield.


Aristoteles Workshop (AW) was born in 2006, founded by the Romanian producers Dan Nutu and Cristina Hoffman, with the support of the french-german television Arte, in order to support a new generation of filmmakers, with previous experience in film or video production. Starting 2018, Aristoteles Workshop is organized in partnership with Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj, University of Theatre and Film, Master of Documentary Film.

Part of the most important and most awarded films produced by Aristoteles Workshop can be enjoyed on, an online platform where the Romanian movies can be watched legally all over the world.


The 14th edition of the workshop will take place between 1st and 31 of August, in Belis, Cluj County and it’s financed by the National Council of Cinematography, The Filmmakers Union from Romania and DacinSara, with the support of NOUMAX.