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You’ll probably learn more in 5 weeks of workshop than in years of film school.

We’re calling for you

AW welcomes all who share our love for documentary filmmaking as a vital, ongoing dialogue with the past, present and future. We’re looking for people with talent, passion, commitment, a voice of their own, and, above all, the ability to collaborate.

Our courses are designed for people with previous film and/or video experience.

Professional training that encourages the independent spirit, innovation, and creative risk-taking is provided by the most prominent leaders in the field.


Applications open March 15th – June 1st, 2018



  • You’re ready for one of the most intense learning experiences as a filmmaker in your life. Aristoteles Workshop is one of the precious few hands on documentary workshops in the world.
  • You put your hand up for your make-or-break kind of experience. You’ll share that with some of the finest filmmakers of today, who did just that here in the past 13 years.
  • You want to meet bright young artists like you. It’s all in who you work with.
  • You need expert, full and edgy tutoring from voices shaping the documentary landscape today to help you find your artistic freedom of expression.
  • One in three films we produced made it to festivals and received awards and honors, including Cannes Film Festival. That’s 24 awards in 13 years!
  • You might just be up for the fish out of water at world’s end kind of breakthrough.


There is a €850 participation fee, which covers accommodation (including two daily meals), the use of the HD production and post production equipment for the full length of the workshop, as well as training, tutoring and eventual feedback from renowned documentary film experts.



AW respects each person’s right to privacy. Your application data and your sample of work will be treated confidentially. Please be aware, if you are selected, your data, as provided by you, will be published on our website.


Deadline: June 1st, 2018

Selection to be announced by June 20th, 2018

Fill in the form to apply!

You will promptly receive a confirmation email with additional information.

Upon acceptance, a participation fee of €850 should be made payable to:
Aristoteles Workshop Association


After this workshop, it seems, to me at least, that everything is possible. Change my job, change my life …

Bogdan Craciun

Producer, Romania