The films and teams of 2017

Wild berries

Romulus Balazs (FR)
Marianna Vas (HU)
Hedda Bednarszky (RO)

The jury was marveled by how a universe can be both observed and sublimated as a strange kingdom. For asserting the world through the actions of a character and for creating cinematic value in the process,

the prize is unanimously awarded to “Wild Berries” by Romulus Balazs, Marianna Vas and Hedda Bednarszky.

Ferry Tale

Michal Shanny (Israel)
Quan Nguyen Hong (Vietnam)

No Body

Bahar Shoghi (Iran)
Mihnea Rares Hanțiu (Romania)

Something About Love

Iulia Stoian (RO)
Jasmina Beširević (Croatia)
Quan Nguyen Hong (Vietnam)


Stefan Pavlovic (Netherlands)
Aylin Gökmen (Switzerland)
Miruna Minculescu (RO)