The selected 12 participants for this years edition of Aristoteles Workshop, the international documentary film workshop organized by Dan Nutu, come from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovenia and Hungary. The selection process was made by a committee from Arte/France television.

They will form four teams of three students – a director, a cinematographer and an editor, and they will have four weeks to make a documentary short, from finding the subject to editing and post production. The winning team will get a 2000 Euro award, provided by Farmexim.

Below you have the list with the 12 participants and their titles:

The directors:
Dmytro Sobchuk (29 years old, from Ukraine)
Evdokia Moskvina (30 years old, from Russia)
Nina Blazin (34 years old, from Slovenia)
Alina Manolache (24 years old, from Romania)

The cinematographers:
Barbu Bogdanovici (28 years old, from Romania)
Răzvan Chirilă (23 years old, from Romania)
Ruben Agadjnean (29 years old, from Moldova)
Erno-Aron Palfi-Horvath (22 years old, Hungary/Romania)

The editors:
Ciprian Cimpoi (30 years old, from Romania)
Diana Rădulescu (24 years old, from Romania)
Mircea Bobina (25 years old, from Moldova)
Raluca Petre (24 years old, from Romania)

The experts and tutors who will guide the students for this year’s edition will be John Appel, Jeroen Berkvens, Nino Kirtadze and Tania Rakhmanova. The final evaluation of the projects will take place in front of a jury made of international filmmakers, at the end of the workshop.

The 9th edition of Aristoteles Workshop will take place in Vama village, Suceava county, between 20thof August and 21st of September. The host of the workshop is beautiful Casa Calin.