The 11th edition of documentary film program Aristoteles Workshop started today in Surdesti, Maramures. 12 participants from the UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Finland and Romania started working with the expert Thierry Garrel, former head of documentary department at ARTE France, with more than 40 years experience in the documentary field. Asked why he feels so strongly about documentary filmmaking, Thierry answers: “Documentary is the art of the 21st century, period.”

Starting today until the 24th of September, the twelve participants, split into four teams, composed of director, cinematographer and editor, will go through all the phases of making a documentary, from concept, shooting, editing and the final presentation before a jury.
Baia Mare chose us, and now we keep our fingers crossed for the final decision in the European Capital of Culture 2021 contest. Last week I was heading to this place with endless questions, I had no idea what it all would be like. I now see the students and Thierry, for the 7th time with us, this time coming all the way from Vancouver. I feel they make a good group, the participants are excellent, and everything will turn up just great”, says producer Dan Nutu.
The first week deals with presentations and theory. Before the second week, the membership of the four teams will have been decided and the participants will have a first draft of the subjects they want to develop. “The students first have to know, react to and respect each other so that they can finally work together”, says expert Thierry Garrel.
Initiated in partnership with ARTE France, Aristoteles Workshop takes place his year with the support of Baia Mare 2021, European Capital of Culture and CNC (National Center of Cinematography). “After four years in Sibiu and five years in fabulous Bucovina, moving to Maramures is a new revelation. I am positive that this region will open up new horizons and inspire films that will prove innovative and interesting for national as well as international markets”, says producer Cristina Hoffman.
The 12 participants are:
Directors: Liliana Constantin (RO / UK), Alexandru Badea (RO), Dragoș Hanciu (RO), și Sakari Suuronen (FI)
Cinematographers: Ileana Szasz (RO), Diana Rusu (RO/UK), Ivan Koroman (BA) și Piero Di Silverio (IT)
Editors: Delia Oniga (RO), Ruxandra Pintilie (RO), Maria Bălănean (RO) și Marina Crăcană (RO)
The winning documentary will receive an award of 2000 euros, offered by Farmexim.