Last night the jury deliberated for more than two hours and finally awarded the Best AW2016 documentary to team Dragos Hanciu, Ileana Gabriela Szasz and Maria Balanean with their film, Ionas Dreams of Rain!






Ionas is an old man who guards his cornfield against the boars at nighttime, while dealing with an inner struggle caused by the belief that when you dream of dead people, it will rain. The challenge is not to fall asleep. Ionas knows he cannot be aware of anything when he sleeps and also that, sooner or later, his recurrent dream of his dead father will bring the rain. The rain comes along with the boars, a menace he cannot see, only hear.

Ionas is facing a fight greater than him, as he realizes that he is just a simple man who cannot stand against something small like sleep, but big as time.


The AW2016 award is 2000 EUR, offered by Farmexim.